Namai A+ specialises in the design of passive houses. We have been the first ones to start designing passive houses in West Lithuania because it has become economically efficient to choose A+ level houses due to increasing energy costs. Currently, we are designing houses of different energy efficiency depending on our customers' requirements. We have acquired special education in Germany and we have certified specialists designing A++ class houses (known as 'passive houses' in Europe) which use 80 percent less energy than regular houses.


Before establishing a passive house design and construction organisation division, the company's designers had already accumulated significant design practice - since the moment of its inception, the company has prepared 300 technical construction designs. Among them were designs for the construction of private residential houses, renovation of apartment buildings as well as design work for the customers of various business fields: trade, catering, hotels, warehousing, administration offices, etc.

Namai A+ designs passive individual houses and commercial buildings, and performs renovation using passive house technologies:

Individual houses

Passive house is a cosy and warm house of your desired size, shape, and colour. You may select pre-drawn designs or contact us to get an individual solution. It is important that the house meet your needs and wants. In Europe, the standard of this house is called a "passive house". By 2018, the construction of passive houses is to become mandatory across the European Union.

Commercial buildings

A passive house may be designed not only for residential purposes; just as many public and commercial passive houses as individual ones are constructed throughout the world. Both business and state sectors aim at optimizing their costs and constantly search for investment opportunities. A modern building whose maintenance costs from 75% to 90% and less, perfectly meets these criteria.


Each house has a potential of becoming energy efficient. The possibilities to reduce heating costs in old buildings are even greater than in the new ones which already use less energy. People often forget that building renovation not only means lower heating bills but also increased price of the house. Renovation increases the value of your house making it an actual investment in real estate.

The experts at our company have experience in all aforementioned fields of design and are certified by the German Passivehaus Institut. You may contact our passive house experts at any time and find out everything about the latest house construction technologies as well as possibilities to live and work in an economical, cosy, warm and eco-friendly building.

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