The block of energy efficient houses "Ecovizija"

Since 1 March 2011, Namai A+ and partners started the implementation of the first block of passive houses in West Lithuania. It is expected to complete the project within 8 months from the start of design to the full completion and first quality tests.

House description:

A modern, single-story passive house. Siding is used for the exterior finish. The house accommodates all required rooms for the family of 3 to 5 persons. In order to utilize the area more rationally, the halls are made small, whereas residential premises are rather spacious.

Gross 140,85 sq.m.
Effective 136,55 sq.m.
Living 95,47 sq.m.
Floors 1, house for one family
Roof Bituminous
Walls Blocks, walls' thickness 50 cm, insulation 25 cm.
Exterior trim Decorative plaster and wood trim
Interior trim Mineral plaster
Heating system Heat pumps
Energy efficiency
Class of energy efficieny A+, passive house
Heat energy 15 kWh/m2a
Electricity 120 kWh/(m²/year), about 45 Lt per month.
Insulation: „Šiloporas Neo“ polystyrene
Warm water heating Solar cell and heat pumps
Windows Conductivity 0,8 W/(m²K)
Ventilation system Efficiency 80-85 %, electricity no more than 0,45 Wh/m³.
Tightness of the building Air conduction 0,6

Passive house in Klaipeda

Block of passive houses

Block of energy efficient houses

Energy efficient house

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Block of passive houses