About „Namai A+“

Your passive house design team in West Lithuania

“Namai A+” is the division of the design company “Statybos projektų uniting passive house design experts who work with the client throughout the entire house construction period. The core of the division consists of the company's experts specializing in the construction of passive houses. These are designers certified in Germany as well as construction organization specialists.

The design of highly energy efficient houses is the main business field of the division. Our experts will not only prepare a full house design but also ensure that it is constructed in compliance with all established standards and requirements. Namai A+ is a member of the National Passive House Association of Lithuania.

“Namai A+” is striving to become the largest passive house design company in West Lithuania offering construction organization services from design to house commissioning. Having a track record of over 300 technical designs, we ensure high-quality results, minimum energy costs and economical efficiency in organizing construction.

We value knowledge and want to share it with others. Contact our certified house design specialists and get free-of-charge consultation. During a no commitment conversation, you will learn how German passive house technologies may save you up to 80 percent of your heating costs.

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Expertise. Future-oriented approach

Striving for professionalism is the principle we have pursued since the start of our operation. Since our designers at “Namai A+” were the first ones in West Lithuania to acquire education in passive house design and maintenance, it will always be true to state that Namai A+ has the longest experience in passive house design in West Lithuania. While working in Klaipeda, we have designed passive houses to both West Lithuanian and foreign customers.

Passive house design and construction organization and maintenance take place not only with the help of our experts at “Namai A+”. The company uses cutting edge equipment to design economical, air-tight and low-cost houses as well as to measure the energy efficiency of constructed houses and other performance indicators.


The majority of Namai A+ customers choose low-energy houses based on rational calculation. The work at our office is also organized based on rational calculation. In one year, we complete over 50 residential house technical designs and develop our investment projects, so we know how to organize work and implement projects precisely according to scheduled deadlines.


We assume full responsibility for the house design being implemented. We provide full-cycle services, i. e. we offer consultation, design, coordination of permits, and organization of construction. We work so that we turn your dream house into reality.

Dynamic growth of Namai A+ has been possible only by complying with deadlines and being able to ensure high-quality results in each construction link. We follow the autonomy principle and do not represent materials manufacturers. This allows us to have carefully selected partners whose products and services comply with top requirements for passive houses. For each case, we select the most suitable construction materials without giving preference to a particular manufacturer. Our primary goal is to select such materials and solutions that would help us achieve the results desired by our customers.


It is not possible to construct a technologically efficient house without modern technologies. Our Namai A+ division uses information technology and measurement instruments throughout the entire house construction process. When designing a house, we use the PHPP software to model the final result. Thus already at the design stage, knowing the entirety of materials, architecture and many other parameters, we will see whether we will have a low-energy house and how much the customer may save using one or another solution and material. During the construction process, our experts perform interim measurements with the aim of achieving all performance indicators of passive houses: thermal resistance, climate, compliance with the technical design, efficient use of renewable energy resources, etc.


Contact us and you will have an economical, warm and eco-friendly house. You will not need to look through piles of construction material proposals and sacrifice your free time to select optimum variants, unless it gives you enjoyment and peaceful mind. If you choose Namai A+, you will buy construction management knowledge and avoid your mistakes. "Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills" (Minna Thomas Antrim)