Consultation and maintenance

Namai A+ offers customized design implementation oversight and provides consultations on specific construction issues.

A responsible house design company must not only prepare the design but also ensure that the construction company complies with the agreed deadlines, technologies and estimates for the design and uses the materials specified in the contract.

Striving to assist our customers, we at Namai A+ do much more than that - we coordinate the implementation of the whole design. Our specialists will obtain all necessary construction permits, advise customers on works contracts, help them select partners supplying construction materials and make sure that builders comply with passive house technological requirements.

Namai A+ prides itself in having the opportunity to provide one-stop-shop design services and consultation on construction organization. The company's experts provide professional consultation and coordinate the process of passive house construction in accordance with the standards of the German Passivhaus Institut exceeding Lithuanian construction regulations.

Our experts at Namai A+ find ways to turn your dreams into reality combining the interests of interested parties and achieving the compliance with construction efficiency and quality standards as well as scheduled deadlines.

Services provided by Namai A+ include:

  • Design of passive houses
  • Renovation designs in accordance with the passive house standard
  • Selection of contractors for the construction or renovation of passive houses
  • Customized construction oversight
  • Area planning
  • Paperwork to obtain construction permits
  • Consultation on specific construction fields


Group of experts with extensive construction experience make construction plan and guarantee that all the works will be finished in time


All the employees have high education, real work experience and are certificated professionals. With an experience of small and big projects coordination and management, we will achieve the highest quality standards with any construction company.


We participate on all the construction stages, saving clients' money and preventing any problems with construction company and their work. Work of our office is also organized in the most efficient way.


We are only certified passive house designing company in West Lithuania and guarantee official certification of your passive house. This will be very useful, if you will decide to sell your house.


Our designers have created more than 300 technical projects, including passive houses' projects. In our company work 3 architects, 3 designers, also engineers and managers. Our team is the reason of our success.

Wise decision

It is you who can make a wise decision and we will present our thought-provoking arguments when selecting services and their provider:

  1. Learning from one's mistakes in construction is very expensive so trust the coordination of construction to the company having extensive experience in the field.
  2. Choose a company who will not need to hire new employees or start cooperating with unreliable companies in designing your house and coordinating its construction.
  3. To have a very low-cost energy house, trust the construction oversight to the company who has prepared the design and has a certified staff in passive house maintenance.