About "Namai A+"

Namai A+ is the division of the design company "Statybos projektu sprendimai" uniting passive house design experts who work with the client throughout the entire house construction period. The core of the division consists of the company's certified in Germany experts specializing in the construction of passive houses.

Ecovizija passive houses


The block of energy efficient houses we have designed




Namai A+ specialises in the design of passive houses. We have been the first ones to start designing passive houses in West Lithuania. Currently, we are designing houses of different energy efficiency depending on our customers' requirements. We have acquired special education in Germany and we have certified specialists designing A++ class houses (passive houses) which use 80 percent less energy than regular houses.

Before establishing a passive house design and construction organisation division, the company's designers had already accumulated significant design practice - since the moment of its inception, the company has prepared 300 technical construction designs. Among them were designs for the construction of private residential houses, renovation of apartment buildings as well as design work for the customers of various business fields: trade, catering, hotels, warehousing, administration offices, etc.


"Namai A+" is certified passive houses' design
and construction company in Germany Passivhaus institute

Consultation and maintenance

Namai A+ offers customized design implementation oversight and provides consultations on specific construction issues.

A responsible house design company must not only prepare the design but also ensure that the construction company complies with the agreed deadlines, technologies and estimates for the design and uses the materials specified in the contract.

Namai A+ prides itself in having the opportunity to provide one-stop-shop design services and consultation on construction organization. The company's experts provide professional consultation and coordinate the process of passive house construction in accordance with the standards of the German Passivhaus Institut exceeding Lithuanian construction regulations.

Our experts at Namai A+ find ways to turn your dreams into reality combining the interests of interested parties and achieving the compliance with construction efficiency and quality standards as well as scheduled deadlines.

  • Design of passive houses
  • Renovation designs in accordance with the passive house standard
  • Selection of contractors for the construction or renovation of passive houses
  • Customized construction oversight
  • Area planning
  • Paperwork to obtain construction permits
  • Consultation on specific construction fields

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Answers to frequently asked questions about passive houses

  • Are there any architectural limitations for building a passive house at Namai A+?

    A passive house may have almost the same architecture as a regular house; there are no essential limitations as for selected materials, height or architectural concept. You may choose a wooden or block house and different construction materials. The only recommendation is to have the majority windows of the house facing south to reduce heat loss.

  • Is it possible to build a passive house under Lithuania's climatic conditions?

    The percent of energy saving may vary slightly from region to region, but the decision to build a passive house will be a rational choice in any region. Passive houses are popular both in Germany, Austria and Norway located further north.

  • What is the payback period of my passive house?

    The myth that the price of the passive house starts from one million is simply not true! Usually, additional investments in such a house amount to approximately 10 to 25% depending on technologies and equipment used. The average payback period of such investments is 4 to 7 years. We are ready to provide individual calculations on the payback of your passive house and, most importantly, we will do it completely free of charge without requiring any commitments! Just contact us!

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